BBC Sherlock: The Empty Hearse vs. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes


The Imitation game press conference/LondonFilmfestival 2014


I always love his looooooooooooooooooong answers <3

Any time anyone has ever speculated on the parents of Sherlock Holmes they say he must have had a cold and loveless childhood. But that’s baloney! Sherlock and Mycroft are not the kind of kids who would have resulted from cold and loveless parents. Timid, frightened children are the product of loveless homes. Adults who are completely confident and don’t mind being different from everybody else, that’s the product of a very, very loving home life. That’s the product of someone always being told, “Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be like anybody else. You can be who you are. Just be who you are.” This is what Sherlock’s been told, possibly too often given how he turned out.

Steven Moffat, March 2014


"Why would anyone mind?"

Sherlock knows it’s “fine” to be attracted to boys because his Mummy told him so.

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"I don’t hate johnlock, I just don’t think people should ignore their friendship.”


Martin on the Today Show, helping collect toys for Christmas. Video not available on the internet. (sorry)

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Whistle not included in this gifset.

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"Isn’t this the same move that Martin Freeman pulled on him during the filming of the drunk Sherlock/John  scene?"

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